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Frequently asked questions


Are airport transfers included?

We include airport/train station transfers in all of our activity holidays. Transfers for wedding guests can always be arranged but are not automatically included in all packages. Car hire is available at all local airports.

What is there for children to do at Fayolle?

We have a range of games that both adults and children can use. Table football, table tennis and pool are available at the chateau. We also have swings and slide for smaller children and of course there is the swimming pool.

Do you have an eco policy?

We don’t have an eco policy as such but we do always try to be eco friendly. We use LED light bulbs throughout, as they light up sufficiently quickly to be safe. When all lights are on it is now less than 1000 watts

The pool uses a salt based filtration system.

As we are not on mains drainage it is also important that no strong chemicals are used in toilets and sinks and we recycle all our rubbish wherever possible. E.g composting, glass bank, cardboard, paper and tin recycling.

Fruit and vegetables, and some cheeses and meats are purchased from local producers and much of it is organic.

What do you mean when you say exclusive use?

Our policy is to have only one event at the chateau at any one time. Activity holidays are held at times when we do not do B&B or weddings. Other bookings for the Lodge and Apartment are made when we have no other guests. We believe that each group of people should experience the chateau on their own so that we can concentrate on making your stay special.

Do you rent out the whole chateau as a self-catering venue?

We are occasionally asked if we will do this and we are happy to consider it. We would not however rent out the chateau to anyone other than family groups.

Do you have any pets?

We do have a dog, Bossco who is very well behaved and kept out of the house – mostly. He would certainly never be allowed to bother anyone who didn’t want to say hello!

Is your internet access in every room?

Our internet access is free to anyone who would like to use it. As it is a wireless system it is not currently available in every room. This is largely to do with the thickness of the walls but it is an unsecured network and you can either log on using your own laptops or other mobile devices. However 4G is available almost everywhere.

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